Floor price and offer / bid notifications on the Bitski iOS app

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Ready to Buy and sell NFTs like a pro? ๐Ÿ“ˆ

If you have a wallet like Bitski, Metamask, Coinbase, etc, you can get notifications when someone makes a bid on your NFTs via Opensea if you are using the Bitski iOS app! 

To start, jump into your iPhone or iPad's settings and make sure your notifications are turned on. You can find this menu within an iOS device under the "Settings" app with this icon.





Once you successfully list your NFT, you should get one notification letting you know the listing is complete, and someone can make a purchase at any time for the amount you specified. Below we can see I listed my Cake NFT for 1 ETH. 


Once we receive a bid for an NFT (Let's use this cute cake NFT from The Sandbox game) on Opensea like in the picture below from "0xand.eth" our iOS device should send us a push notification regarding the bid and the amount. This guy is lowballing us! Only 0.05 ETH? No way I'm accepting that.


But wait, the floor difference is huge, so maybe we should accept. What do you think?

This is where the Floor Price feature of the Bitski iOS app comes into play. create_alert.png

Let's say the market on Sandbox cake NFTS suddenly moons to crazy high prices because they became a meme for some reason. You can set the floor price within the app to send a push notification to your iPhone or iPad when the floor price of the collection reaches a certain price.  a "high" or "low" price set by you. This lets you keep tabs on a collection you want to buy when it gets cheap enough to buy, or when you think its time to sell your valuable NFT, and much more!






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