How can I get a cool .eth name or other ENS?

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If you've seen other people online with names like "coolguy.eth" or "johndoe.eth" in their name, that is ENS!  ENS stands for "Ethereum Naming Service", and it's a way to carve out some identity for yourself on the blockchain. It's also a much easier way to use normal 0x addresses, so instead of copying something like 0xa6db0315a46b77140fdd0fe579d5ff37bf84c3b8 , you can use "coolguy.eth" as your address instead! A lot of people love this because it's more human friendly, shorter, and user friendly. 

0x address: 0xa6db0315a46b77140fdd0fe579d5ff37bf84c3b8

ENS address: coolguy.eth  (which also goes to 0xa6db0315a46b77140fdd0fe579d5ff37bf84c3b8)

The concept is similar to the normal way we use the web (DNS), like how going to a URL of takes you to an IP address that might look like

If you don't have an ENS name, you can head to , and connect your wallet using either the Bitski iOS app via WalletConnect, or the Bitski browser extension. 

Here are the steps! Please note that they might be slightly different depending on how you connect your wallet to the dApp. For example, you will need to confirm the on-chain transactions from your iPhone if you are using the Bitski app to connect via WalletConnect. If you are using the Bitski browser extension, you would just connect via the Metamask button in Step 4, or use the "Injected" wallet option; for the on-chain confirmations a pop up should appear, etc. 


Step 1: Launch ENS Visit to access ENS.

Step 2: Find the .eth name you want to make your own! If the name is already taken, you can view its details, including the expiration date of ownership. If the name is available, you may proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Choose Registration Duration Decide the number of years for which you want to register the name, with a minimum of one year. You can opt to renew your registration period later. Note that the gas fee will not change, irrespective of the registration period you choose.

Step 4: Connect Your Wallet to Initiate Registration Click "Connect" and confirm the gas when a pop-up window from your Bitski wallet appears. Go ahead and finish the transaction to continue.



Step 5: Stay on the page and wait for the registration process to finish. Wait for one minute to ensure that no one else is attempting to register the same name. A green bar in the middle of the page indicates the progress of the registration process. After the waiting period, you will see a line of orange text directing you to click "Register" to proceed.mceclip4.pngmceclip3.png

Step 6: Click the blue "Register" button and submit the transaction. After the transaction is confirmed, your ENS is registered. However, one last step is required.

Step 7: Set a Resolver Click "Manage Name" to manage your ENS records and associate your new ENS name with your previous address. Under "Resolver," click "Set," choose "Use Public Resolver," and then click "Save" to confirm the transaction and save your modifications.


Note that ENS names function a lot like website DNS in that you can own them in one wallet but have them redirect to other wallet addresses, or even websites! For more information, check out this link here. The ENS name is still an NFT, so you can also buy and sell it on Opensea, or send it to a friend. They can they connect to the ENS dApp and manage the settings associated with that domain. 


Currently, your Bitski iOS wallet and browser extension only supports ENS names.

(Unstoppable Domains coming soon!) 

If you have any questions about this process, please let us know at 




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