How do I token gate an NFT in the creator portal?

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Token gating

Want to only share or sell your NFT with a select group of users? You can set up a product behind a “token gate”. This will check a users Bitski wallet on the blockchain to see if they hold a specific NFT already, and allow them to proceed to the next part of the purchase process only once they have proven ownership. This is a great way to reward those who have already bought or participated in your project before. Check out the below clip for a quick guide on gating an NFT from within the creator portal.



The TL;DR is: 

Create a new token gate and pick the contract that you are requiring users to hold an NFT from to proceed.

Go to an NFT that you have created that you want to be gated, and select the gate from the drop down menu. (Remember to click Update to save the changes on the NFT!)

Now only used logged into their Bitski wallet who hold an NFT from a certain project should be able to view/ purchase your gated NFT product. ✌️





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