What browsers are supported by Bitski?

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Currently, the most up-to-date version of Chrome or Safari is the best way to buy NFTs, use your Bitski wallet, and create NFTs. If you are having any trouble, we want to help you! A screenshot or an error message goes a long way. 🙏  

Brave and Opera can sometimes have issues when logging into the Bitski wallet.

On Brave you might need to put Shields down in order to authorize transactions in your wallet, or else your session will hit an error. Please make sure to manage your Shields after the transaction/ signing is complete so you don't miss out on those BAT! 😉


if you encounter other issues, please:

1) note your browser version and send it to this form so we can improve compatibility: https://bitski.typeform.com/to/wvA634Ob 

2) use Chrome to complete your action. (A browser cache clear or incognito window is great too!)





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