Bitski supported and unsupported regions

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In general, you can sign up and use Bitski in a big number of regions around the world! 

For Creators, we partner with Stripe to provide payment processing, so if you want to sign up as a creator, you will need to onboard via Stripe Express, which many, but not all regions support. For more info, please check out 


Bitski wallet: There are a few regions that might have some difficulty using Bitski. For the Bitski wallet, as long as you are not explicitly blocked based on your region, you should be able to sign up and use the Bitski wallet most places in the world. 

In general any US-sanctioned region should not be able to access the Bitski site. 

For using the 3rd party Sendwyre widget (buying ETH with a credit card), there are also some State-level restrictions in the US:

  • New York
  • Texas

Your individual bank may also block certain NFT/ crypto related transactions. If you run into problems purchasing, please contact your bank first, and then please reach out to us at 




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