How do fees and pricing work on Bitski?

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Below is a summary of the current pricing and fees at Bitski. 🤑

Bitski Wallet

Free to use!

Gas fees are the same as other wallets like Metamask, Formatic, etc

Bitski for Creators

Bitski shared contract- Free! (no royalties included)

Paid personal contract- one-time fee of 25$ per contract 

(includes perpetual 10% royalties)

Bitski platform fee- 10% of sale prices (after gas)

Brand level pricing- custom

Buying NFTs

Credit card fee of (2.9%  + 30¢)

Minting (gas) fees are very competitive; based on ERC-1155

Bitski for Developers

All of the Bitski APIs are currently free to use at this time. 

For usage and legal terms, please click here.


For Business development, please click here 

For Creators, please click here

For Brands/Agencies please click here

For Developers, please click here





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