How can I add a New Contract to my Creator Portal?

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Adding a new contract can be easily done through your portal and is available for all users! To get started with your new contract, log into and visit the Collections tab on the left. 


Once you’re on the Collections tab, click “+ New” and you’ll be requested to name your contract. This means you can choose whatever name you’d like the contract to be. For contract names, you will not be able to deploy a contract with _ or spaces, this will give an error and will restrict you from moving forward.


Here’s an example of a great contract name: JohnDoe-New-Contract or JohnDoeNewContract 👍


Here’s an example of one that isn’t so great: JohnDoe_New Contract 🙅‍♀️


After naming your contract, click Next and you will have to confirm the price to mint this contract. It will be a one-time fee of $25 to proceed. Please note that this starts a process on the blockchain of minting a new contract to your account. 


Once paid, you can visit your Collections tab and view your new collection. It will show as Deployed after minting is complete! When this minting process has started and is successful, there are no refunds for this 25$! Once a contract is deployed it is permanently part of the blockchain. 



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