How do I reset my 2FA device / method?

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We recommend everyone use two factor authentication! (2FA) This can add an extra layer of security in case your little brother, or a sneaky scammer tries to log into your Bitski wallet without your consent. ⛓

If you lost your phone, changed phone numbers, or prefer to use an email code to be the 2nd security step when logging into your Bitski wallet at, please follow these steps. 

When you first create a Bitski wallet, you will be prompted to provide a phone number as the main 2FA method. If you choose to not provide a phone number, the default 2FA method will be your email. 


If you need to change your 2FA method, follow these steps: 

1. Log in normally to your wallet at with your email and password. If successful, you will be brought to the next screen.  

2. On the next screen, you are asked to enter the 6-digit 2FA code (either the code from the SMS message, or the code from the automated email from

Instead of entering the code here, look below for a link marked "Lost your device?"


3. Your accounts email should receive a message that includes a link to reset your 2FA method. 

Please note for security reasons, this will take 24 hours to complete.


If you get any emails asking for a 2FA code that you did not just then request, please double check the sending address carefully in your email inbox! Phishing attacks will try to make a similar email look like so they can use your code and login to your wallet. When in doubt, go slow and double check everything!



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