How do I change my billing region within

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Regions: You can use a Bitski wallet with any card to buy NFTs, but if you want to sign up as a creator, it will have to conform to the list of supported countries on the drop down menu during onboarding with Stripe, our credit card partner.  You can see the list of supported countries here: If you don't see yours, hopefully it will be added soon. 👍

Due to the way Bitski and Stripe are currently integrated, it is not possible to go back and change your region once you have progressed to the stage of adding a credit card to the billing details of your profile. 

To avoid signing up under an email you might not be able to use in the future, please be extra careful when choosing your region during the onboarding process as a creator. 

For more information on this process, please see this link: 

If you need to sign up under a different region, please send Bitski a message at and we can try to help you troubleshoot about what to do! 





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