What to do if your Bitski Wallet has been compromised

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What to do when your Bitski Wallet has been compromised:

If there has been a believed breach or hack of a user's wallet, the account owner will need to flag this directly with Bitski's Support team via support@bitski.com , Discord, or Twitter with some of the following information to verify the account ownership:

  1. Verify ownership of the controlling factors of a wallet:
    1. an email from the Email Address associated with the Bitski Vault
    2. Phone Number on file if utilizing 2FA
    3. Last 4 digits of their Credit Card used on Bitski (if any NFT's were bought on Bitski's own platform, the majority of the time this won't be available.)

Please note: if ownership cannot be established via the above factors, there will be no recourse to make adjustments to a Bitski profile. It is up to the user to manage their login factors. Bitski does not offer any KYC or similar service; all of the MFA factors are up to the user to manage!

For safety reasons and to avoid any additional transactions made, the account owner should:

  1. Call their bank to close their card before any fraudulent transactions are made.

Once the above items are complete and received, Bitski Support will work to find a resolution alongside Stripe to verify the transactions and will look further into this case.

If Bitski Support verifies the necessary details regarding the chargeback request, and it is honored by Bitski Support, the team will reach back out to the account owner for information on where the chargeback amount should be refunded to.

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If the purchased item and its metadata has changed since purchase:

Please reach out to Bitski Support by emailing support@bitski.com with the following details:

  1. Product URL of the item purchased
  2. Email Address
  3. Wallet Address

Bitski Support will directly reach out to the creator of the NFT and email the creator to:

  1. Confirm the changes made was deliberate and request them to not do this moving forward or revert back to the original changes
  2. Ensure they follow up directly with the buyer for any physical utility attached to it, and requesting them to explain why they had changed what they changed if they do not have any plans to revert back to the original NFT media

Bitski Support will escalate this case if, but not limited to:

  1. There is no response from the creator after 1 week, we will pause their creator account until they remedy the changes or reach out to the buyer honoring their request

Section 3

Transactions not applicable for a chargeback dispute:

If the account owner's request is attempting to initiate a chargeback dispute, they have to inform Bitski Support the reasoning behind it and keep in mind that Bitski will not honor a chargeback for the following cases:

  1. NFT not received — if the buyer has received a receipt for the NFT but no NFT yet, buyers must remain patient as the Bitski team handles the minting of the NFT. During a window of 2 weeks within the purchase time, the buyer cannot receive a chargeback for the item. (If for some reason the NFT cannot be received due to a technical error on Bitski's part, a refund will be issued.)
  2. Accidental Purchases — if the buyer has paid for the NFT and is requesting for a chargeback for the NFT they bought, Bitski will not honor this unless there is an additional fraudulent case behind it. The buyer receives two confirmation screens prior to purchase, at which point they can review their purchase in full detail. Please be aware that many NFT's have similar names and appearances! Just like you can't return a meal which you already ate, we can't return an NFT once it is minted and in your wallet.
  3. NFT as unacceptable — if the buyer feels the product was not what they wanted, Bitski will not honor a chargeback unless their case is relevant to Section 2 as indicated above. Once the NFT has been minted and is displaying within the Bitski wallet, the blockchain aspect of this transaction cannot be reversed, and the digital good is considered acceptable. 

Section 4

Account status and chargebacks

For scalable security, once a chargeback has been initiated, the Bitski account in question will be automatically locked. If the dispute is reversed and all the NFTs have been settled fairly within Stripe (the credit card payment platform), the account can be unlocked by the Bitski security team. 

If chargebacks were finished, and there are no ways to settle the purchase normally, there will be no way to unlock the account. This is done to safeguard the NFTs value on the market and decrease the influence of fraud and frivolous chargebacks overall. 

If you plan to initiate a chargeback or dispute with your credit card company, please reach out to support@bitski.com first so we can try and remedy the situation before things get harder to fix! 

Section 5

Accounts locked due to fraudulent activity

To protect our creators, users, and the NFT market, Bitski uses tools to prevent fraudulent purchases. This can include, but is not limited to temporarily locking accounts, or accounts connected to other accounts that have done fraudulent activity based on our multi-factor analysis. Charge back information, browser information, card history, and other factors are used in this analysis. 

If your account has been locked due to fraudulent activity, there will be ample chance for our team to manually review it and prevent users being falsely flagged as fraudulent, but no detailed explanation will be given from Bitski's side regarding specific incriminating information. Currently there is no sort of formal "appeal" system besides communication within the support ticket system. This includes, but not limited to: chargebacks, influx of suspicious funds into an otherwise rule abiding account, duplicate accounts, etc. 









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