Why can I not see my NFT in the "Featured" or "All" section of the Explore page?

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We want Bitski to show off some great creations. In order to keep all parties safe, the Bitski team needs to selectively curate some of the NFTs being shown at https://www.bitski.com/explore  

Please note that not all users are guaranteed to be shown within any of the feeds on the Explore page. These NFT's are curated by the Bitski team as a group based on our own subjective criteria. 

Please note that you can still find your NFTs displaying and ready for purchase at your storefront’s URL, which you can promote yourself! For example, your storefront URL is www.bitski.com/@username

  • Copyrighted or trademarked material
    • If it's not yours, don't use it! This includes any distinguishable IP, regardless if it was created originally by you. (for example a hand-painted L.A. Lakers logo)
  • "Low effort" or "remixed" content
    • We love doodles! But a lot of creators put a ton of painstaking painting and 3D work into their digital creations, and we want to highlight these firstly. 
    • Adding a filter over something or changing the background color of a bluechip NFT does technically make it original, but at this point in time we are not interested in hosting these on our marketplace.
  • Overly "stock" visual material 
    • While downloading a stock photo and remixing it with a filter or other pre-made effect is fine, as it constitutes original work, this type of NFT will probably not make the cut for the "Featured" section of the Bitski marketplace.  
  • Anything that violates Bitski's Content Guidelines

    • No NSFW/ obscene material, stolen material, etc

 If you have additional questions or believe that you have found content that violates our terms, please reach out to us at support@bitski.com





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