Polygon Integration

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Polygon Integration

Up until recently, the Bitski wallet has only been compatible with the main "layer 1" network of Ethereum. While the Ethereum blockchain is extremely secure and highly reliable, there is still much to be desired in terms of scalability. By adding support for Polygon, we are taking the first step in helping scale the Ethereum ecosystem. Polygon adds the ability for more transactions to process whilst providing lower transaction fees. We're looking forward to becoming a strong partner with Polygon and bringing additional scaling solutions to our services. 

At this stage, the Bitski wallet supports the viewing and transferring of Polygon NFTs and cryptocurrencies in your wallet, as well as using the tools available to bridge, swap, and stake at wallet.polygon.technology 

We are looking to ramp up support for features such as the option to mint Polygon NFTs on Bitski, resell Polygon NFTs via OpenSea, and others coming soon! 👾

How to get the gas token Matic (Polygon) Into your Bitski wallet:

1. Buy MATIC (Polygon) via Moonpay or Binance. Note: If possible, you can buy the MATIC gas token that is already on the Polygon network. However it should not take any ETH to swap the mainnet MATIC on the bridge at wallet.polygon.technology  

2. Visit wallet.polygon.technology and connect your Bitski Wallet.

3. Once connected, select “Polygon Wallet” on the Dashboard and you should see your Matic (Polygon) gas token in your wallet ready to use! [If you bought another token, swap it into Matic (Polygon) to use as a gas token] 

4. $MATIC token will appear under the Currencies tab on the Bitski Wallet

If you want to check the your wallet on the blockchain, please use polygonscan.com  

I don't see my Polygon NFTs showing up?

That is because Bitski will need to approve for the Polygon collection to appear in your Bitski wallet. If you have an NFT that does not appear automatically, then please place your request here and we will enable it for you! 👍  https://bitski.typeform.com/polygon

ETH on Polygon  (Ether PoS-WETH)

If you have accidentally bridged your ETH onto a Polygon contract via the button within Opensea's UI a while back, you can now interact with these assets when logged into your Bitski wallet at https://wallet.polygon.technology/ ✌️

Please note since this is on the Polygon network, you will need the native MATIC (Polygon) gas token to send out any asset on the Polygon network. This includes other tokens like mSAND, etc. 


To give feedback about your Bitski + Polygon experience, please use this link! https://bits.ki/3BalSQE





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