How do I get my royalties?

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Have you made not only a first sale of your NFT, but someone else sold that NFT to a second customer? Boom, thats a secondary sale! If you signed up as a creator with the $25 personal minting contract, you are eligible for your 10% royalties. 🤑

Check out the below steps to collect your royalty:

Step 1: Get your ETH wallet address that you’d like to get your payouts in

Step 2. Make sure you have your contract ID, this can be found in your creator portal under “Collections”

Step 3. Reach out to OpenSea Support at this website: with the request to be added as an admin to your contract

Step 4. Send the request to OpenSea

Step 5. Once you are connected to your contract as an admin, please sign in with your ETH wallet address to OpenSea

Step 6. Select the dropdown tab and hit “My Collections”

Step 7. You will see your collection, plus a button with three dots, if you click that there will be a dropdown menu with two options: to edit your collection and your royalties

  • Clicking royalties will show you all royalties accrued, please reach out to Bitski to consolidate
  • To receive your royalties direct to your ETH address, please edit your collection and tie in your ETH wallet address for royalty payments

This option is only available for those under an individual paid contract plan ($25). Those who have signed up on the free plan will not be eligible for royalties.



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