Which contract type is right for me?

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When you're setting up a Creator Account, you'll have the option to choose between two types of Smart Contracts. Both contract types have benefits. Read below for more information on which is right for you. Please see this guide for a more detailed explanation of contracts and setting up your Creator profile!  🎨 🤔


Shared Contract

Shared contracts give you the freedom to start selling NFTs with no money down. This is a major bonus when you're first starting out! If you choose a shared contract, please note that you will not receive royalties from any secondary sales. Also, secondary sales will populate under the contract name "Bitski" instead of your name. But don't worry! You can still choose the name of your profile on Bitski's Explore page.

If you start out with a shared contract and change your mind down the road, you can opt to mint your own contract at any time!


Mint Your Own Contract

Minting your own contract gives you more flexibility if you plan on receiving 10% royalties from secondary sales. You can mint your own contract for a one-time fee of $25. There are some small other personalization tweaks you can do to your OpenSea collection page as well. 

For more details, please see this guide.




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