I want to burn my NFTs, what’s the process for this?

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Creators on Bitski

If you are a creator, you can do is pause your product so that no more can be sold through on your storefront. However, each NFT product is not minted and on the blockchain until it is sold via your Creator Portal store front. So if someone has already purchased for example 1 out of 10, then even if you pause the collection, the #1 of that product still exists on the blockchain. 

Why do we not offer the creator the option to burn NFTs that have already been minted? Because burning NFTs entails that those who purchased your NFTs will not have it in their wallet anymore. That’s something we want to avoid for all creators and buyers!

NFT holders

If you just want to get rid of an NFT that is already in your wallet (i.e. it exists on the blockchain already and you own it), you can transfer it to this wallet address





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