My unlockable content won’t upload, what do I do?

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Make sure the asset for the unlockable content is compatible with what we can support! Check out the asset guidelines below.

The rule of thumb with unlockable content is to make sure any videos you want to upload are under 500MB and in .mp4 format. As for the images, these must be in .png or .jpg files and under 100MB.


Primary NFT Image (include even if the NFT is a video)

  • 10MB Max size
  • PNG, JPG or GIF

Primary NFT Video

  • 50MB Max Size
  • .MP4
  • 1080 x 1080

Unlockable Content (Optional)

High Res Image

  • PNG or JPG
  • 50MB Max Size
  • Any dimensions

4K Video

  • .MP4
  • 200MB Max Size
  • Any aspect ratio

Snap Lens

  • Upload image of snapcode

Instagram Filter

  • Use instagram Filter URL

Any Additional Files

  • additional videos
  • 3D models (.GLB)
  • Wallpapers
  • .ZIP Files
  • 500MB Max Size

If you need a larger file size limit, or want to support a different file type, please reach out to us at !





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