Why is my NFT product not saving?

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Your NFT product may not be saving correctly if the following items have not been filled in: 

Your Primary NFT Media Assets

  • Please be sure you’ve uploaded your assets for your NFT in the NFT Media section of the creator portal. If you are uploading a .mp4 as the NFT, you are still required to upload a static image to save and publish your product. 
  • The static image must be in either .jpg or .png format and under 10MB while the video must be in a .mp4 format (under 50MB)

Bitski does not offer text formatting for product descriptions such as bold, italics, underscore, hyperlinks and bullet points at this time.  If you utilize HTML to create these texts, please keep in mind this will result in your NFT description being shown in HTML once the NFT is listed on OpenSea!

If you need to change the metadata after your NFT has been sold and is on the blockchain, you can go back to the creator portal and update it if needed. 👍


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