What are Bitski's content guidelines?

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We want Bitski to be a safe space for both creators and buyers. That's why we have some ground rules in place for types of content that aren't allowed. By following these guidelines, you're helping us create a welcoming, equitable environment and we think that's very cool of you. 🤝

Below is a list of forbidden content. If you have additional questions or believe that you have found content that violates our terms, please reach out to us at support@bitski.com

  • Copyrighted or trademarked material
    • If it's not yours, don't use it!
  • Material supporting any kind of racism, sexism, or any other "ism" that seeks to promote inequality based on a person's immutable characteristics
    • The metaverse is for everyone! 
  • Material that is intended to bully or dox someone else.
    • See above point!
  • Pornographic and/or obscene material
    • Do we really need to elaborate?! (feet pics are cool though!)
    • In order to determine what is 'pornographic' or not, Bitski's community managers will do the "museum gallery check" i.e. if the nudity is artistic or abstract enough to the point where it would belong in a public museum, then it is permitted. If it is blatantly pornographic in nature, it will not be allowed. 
  • Material that is intended to deceive the purchaser into thinking it is a different project (blatantly stolen art not affiliated with the original creator, malevolent punctuation or spelling differences, etc)
    • Get outta here, scammers!

If content is found that violates any of these terms, we reserve the right to ban or shadowban without appeal any account with no refunds or recourse. To see more about this process, check out this page.

Warning procedure:

  1. For the first instance of any violations of the above guidelines, the creator account will receive an email from support@bitski.com detailing the issue. If the first offense is obviously egregious, this first step will be skipped and we will skip directly to step #2.
  2. Any repeated instance of violating the NFT content guidelines will result in the offending account being locked with no chance for appeal. Any pending creator payouts will be frozen, and the offending creator account will be locked while the Bitski team addresses the content internally and with our partners. 

Note this section is an abridged excerpt from Bitski's full Terms of Service here. Please refer to the official Terms of Service for Bitski's General Prohibitions and Bitski’s Enforcement Rights.





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