How do I buy an NFT on Bitski?

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Buying your first NFT can feel daunting, but we promise it's as easy as buying a shirt from your favorite online store. All you need is a credit card. If you haven't created a Bitski wallet yet, don't worry! You can create one during your purchase. We'll show you how.



1. Decide which NFT you'd like to purchase.

You can scroll through our Live Feed for the latest drops or purchase directly from a Drop Page.


2. Click your chosen NFT.

This will give you more details about the piece in US dollars (Bitski only sells NFTs for fiat currency at this time), such as the artist, price, any additional items unlocked with purchase, a description, and information about the kind of sale (for example, limited edition vs 1/1 auction).


3. Click "Buy Now."


4. Either log into an existing Bitski wallet or create a new one. 

If you need help creating a Bitski wallet, check out this guide.


5. Review the order summary.

On this page, you'll see the price of the NFT along with "Tax + Blockchain Fees." These fees are called "gas fees." Gas fluctuates constantly based on the activity of the ETH blockchain. You can learn more about gas fees here.


6. Click "Complete Purchase."

You're done! If your NFT doesn't show up in your wallet immediately, there's no need to panic. NFTs can take up anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours during busy times on Bitski. 

For more information about wait times, see this article.





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