I forgot my password. How do I get back into my account?

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We've all heard horror stories of unfortunate souls that lost the keys or seed phrase to their wallet and their crypto fortune along with it. If you're using a Bitski wallet, you never have to worry about that! We're a hosted wallet, meaning that we'll keep your keys safe and sound no matter what.

Our wallets are secured in special hardware devices called Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). These are racked in biometric-secure data centers that are regionally distributed across the US. Bitski is the only company that offers a hardware-backed wallet that users and developers can access anywhere, anytime.

But that doesn't really help you if you've forgotten your password, does it? No worries! Let's get it reset in a few easy steps.


1. Go to https://user.bitski.com/reset-password  and enter the email associated with your account.



2. Check the email associated with your account and click the link. Follow the prompts to enter a new password and you'll be reunited with your precious collection ASAP!


If you need to reset your 2FA device, please check this article.

If you are not receiving a 2FA code, or are getting an error, please check this article. 






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