How do I log into OpenSea using my Bitski wallet?

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Picking up a rare NFT on Bitski is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to web3 fun. 🌊

Our wallet plugs seamlessly into platforms like OpenSea so that you can:

    • List NFTs for sale
    • Buy NFTs with the ETH in your wallet 
    • Transfer NFTs to other people 

Keep in mind that OpenSea is a marketplace for NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, not a wallet. You can use multiple wallets on OpenSea, but you can only be logged into one at a time.

Let’s get you plugged into OpenSea!


1. Visit & click the wallet icon in the top right corner. 



2. You'll see a dropdown menu like this. Click "Bitski" from the list.

If Bitski isn't showing in the dropdown menu, click "Show More Options".



3. When you click "Bitski", you'll see a pop-up. Go ahead and enter your log in information.

If you've opted into 2FA (and we hope that you have!), you'll also need to submit a code that will be sent to your security device.



4. Once you authorize OpenSea, your Bitski Wallet's connected! It will look like this.


Once you've successfully connected, you have some options to customize your OpenSea profile. OpenSea will have a colored circle for each wallet that you are using. Personally, we like to add some kind of indicator to the profile name to make sure we don't confuse our wallets. For example, you could name yours “Curtis_Bitski” (but only if your name is Curtis. Don’t be weird about it.)

Other Secondary Marketplaces

If there are other marketplaces that you want to use your Bitski wallet with, like Looksrare for example, you will need to either a) ask that website to integrate the Bitski wallet using the Bitski Wallet web SDK (found here), or use the WalletConnect feature via the Bitski iOS app.






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