I made a mistake! Can you reverse it?

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With constant new drops, rampant speculation, and deep rabbit holes on crypto-Twitter, it’s easy to get excited about the world of NFTs! But what happens when you get a little too excited and make a mistake?

One of the best features of the ETH blockchain is that it is immutable. This means no changes, no take backs, no reverses. This is a good thing! It means no changes will happen unless they are a direct result of your action. 

But, it can be a bad thing if there is error on the part of the user. Sending someone the wrong address, entering an incorrect price or other common typos can mean transferring an NFT to a stranger. Unfortunately, Bitski cannot reverse any transactions made on the blockchain due to its immutable nature.

One of the most common ways people make mistakes is when they are in a hurry and don't pay close attention. Trying to move fast is a temptation in the crypto world because things can happen quickly, but doing so will increase your odds of slipping up.

Remember to slow down, take a breath, and double check all wallet addresses. And if you have a question or something feels off, drop into our Discord before authorizing any transactions. We're here to help!



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