I'm new to NFTs and crypto, how can I stay safe?

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Here at Bitski, we’ve built the safest, easiest to use crypto wallet on the market. Our wallet is hardware secured, aka it’s super safe from a technical standpoint. The bad news is, all the hardware in the world can’t protect you from scammers (booo!). Buuuttt the good news is, we’re going to equip you with knowledge so that you can avoid common crypto scams. Read on to armor up against bad actors!


Fake NFT and cryptocurrency wallets

This can be a problem in some app stores, depending on which phone you use and where you are located.

Scammers will make a wallet look authentic with branding, fancy language, and reviews. Once you download their wallet and send any tokens to it, whatever is inside will be sent out to the scammers.  

If you go to download any NFT or crypto related app, make sure to only use 1st party app stores and check the reviews. When in doubt, you can ask a Bitski Team member in Discord in a public channel, or on social media. 👍 


Impersonation Scams 

Impersonation scams are most common on Discord. Scammers will create accounts that look like clones of official team members. They will then try to gain your trust and scare you into transferring NFTs or currency into another wallet. A common tactic here is using lots of technical jargon in an attempt to confuse you.

If you have doubts about who you are chatting with, make sure you ask in a public #general or #intros channel. From there, we can confirm if profiles are real or fake. Don't trust anybody who approaches you to "fix" your wallet, or accept help from random people on Discord or Twitter. And remember, like mama always said… if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


Bitski Will Never Ask You to Send ETH 

If someone reaches out from “Bitksi” asking for you to send ETH, that’s so not us.

The only situation where we will ask you to send anything are: 

  • You are the winner of an auction, and you have confirmed that you want to settle in ETH. This will be done only from support@bitski.com 

Phishing links

If you get unprompted emails asking you to share any information, click a link to "verify your wallet" or "synchronize your wallet", share a log in code/ password, etc do not engage

If you have any doubts, it's always best to confirm with the Bitski team. 

Scammers will add some kind of time pressure or "exclusive" aspect to their message to try and make you click something or send sensitive information quickly. Please slow down and think about these messages!


Fake tokens

At this time, there are no plans to create or use any sort of "Bitski token" or currency.

Any promise of an ICO, or proprietary token is a scam. 


If you have a question about being scammed, please email us at support@bitski.com or reach out to one of our Official Support Members on Discord.

Official support members will have a red name for their role (Bitski Team) and

a small Bitski logoGroup-2.png when chatting in a public channel. 




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