What tokens are supported?

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Bitski offers an Ethereum-based wallet, also referred to as ETH. See below for more information on supported and unsupported tokens.

Supported Tokens:

  • ERC20 tokens - currencies built on the Ethereum platform. Here's a guide.
  • ERC721 tokens - similar to ERC20 tokens, but can be more complex. These tokens sometimes have programmable features like rarity or different traits (breeds of horses in Zed Run, for example). Here's a guide.
  • ERC1155 tokens - provide even more flexibility than ERC721. Here's a guide.

Polygon (Beta)

  • Polygon Chain (MATIC) - currently the Bitski wallet only supports the native MATIC currency and transfer of Polygon NFTs.  Support for bridging ETH to Polygon and other features like swapping, purchasing Polygon NFTs within Opensea, and other layer 2 ETH solutions are coming soon! Please do not attempt to use the OpenSea UI to bridge your ETH to Polygon using the Bitski wallet, as you will be unable to access it until we fully enable more Polygon technology features. Please see more at this article here

Not Supported (Yet!):

  • WETH - while WETH is like ETH, there is currently no way to view or interact with the WETH in your Bitski wallet.
    • If you have accidentally sent or received WETH as part of a sale into your Bitski wallet, you will need to swap it or 'unwrap' it for normal ETH. We'll help you out.
    • There are a number of services you can choose to complete this, such as UniSwap or Matcha.
      • Step 1: Choose the correct currencies to swap, in this case it’s WETH -> ETH
      • Step 2: Paste the amount of WETH you want to swap. You should be able to check Etherscan or a similar blockchain exploring tool to see how much is in your Bitski wallet.
      • Step 3: Once the amounts are confirmed, you will see a drop down menu about which wallet you want to connect. Choose Bitski wallet from this drop down.
      • Step 4: Confirm the transaction. 
  • Binance Chain ETH - if you have sent any BNB chain Ethereum to your Bitski wallet, there is a developer tool that can help withdraw it. You can access it here.
    • Note this tool will require a small amount of BNB gas to complete the transaction.
    • If you are sending the funds to a Metamask wallet, you will also need to complete another step linked here.

If you have additional questions, feel free to join us on Discord and ask away.



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