What tokens and blockchains are supported by the Bitski wallet?

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Bitski offers an  Ethereum based wallet. (EVM compatible wallet, but not all EVM compatible blockchains are fully compatible yet!) Please check out this guide below on what is currently supported or not in your wallet. 

Supported Ethereum token standards:

  • ERC20 tokens - currencies built on the Ethereum platform. Here's a guide If you have an ERC-20 token in your wallet that does not appear in the "Currencies" tab of wallet.bitski.com, please submit the info here so we can allowlist it for you! 
  • ERC721 tokens - similar to ERC20 tokens, but can be more complex. These tokens sometimes have programmable features like rarity or different traits (breeds of horses in Zed Run, for example). Here's a guide.
  • ERC1155 tokens - provide even more flexibility than ERC721. Here's a guide.


  • Polygon Chain (MATIC) - Support for native MATIC currency, transfer of Polygon NFTs, bridging ETH to Polygon and other features like swapping, are fully supported at https://wallet.polygon.technology/ 

  • Please see more at this article here.  


  • WETH - Currently your Bitski wallet can hold and display WETH, as well as interact with it on compatible 3rd party websites. 👍
    • If you have sent or received WETH as part of a sale on a marketplace into your Bitski wallet, you will need to 'unwrap' it for normal ETH. Currently there is no native button to wrap/unwrap this within the Bitski wallet web UI. 
    • There are a number of services you can choose to complete this, such as Opensea, UniSwap or Matcha.
      • Step 1: Choose the correct currencies to swap, in this case it’s WETH -> ETH
      • Step 2: Paste the amount of WETH you want to swap. You should be able to check Etherscan or a similar blockchain exploring tool to see how much is in your Bitski wallet.
      • Step 3: Once the amounts are confirmed, you will see a drop down menu about which wallet you want to connect. Choose Bitski wallet from this drop down.
      • Step 4: Confirm the transaction. 

Other Layer 2 solutions

Arbitrum- The Bitski wallet is now fully functional with this "roll up" technology! You should see your currencies on Arbitrum in your wallet noted with a little icon. The normal ERC-721/ 1155s NFTs on Arbitrum should now show up automatically in your wallet! If you don't see it, please reach out to our support. Please see this article for more information.

Optimism- Currently this blockchain has limited support with the Bitski wallet. NFTs are not supported (yet), but ETH and ERC-20 tokens should appear in your currencies view. Please reach out to us before attempting any significant DeFi moves! 

Spam tokens

It is up to the user to know which tokens they are interacting with within their wallet. Some chains like Polygon and Binance have common spam tokens which have the potential to drain a wallet of assets. Please DO NOT INTERACT with any token you are not 100% knowledgable about. Bitski is currently working on a spam heuristic which will easily filter out known spam coins, and give you the opportunity to "white list" lesser known coins if you need. 


If you have additional questions, feel free to join us on Discord or support@bitski.com  👾

To give feedback about the Bitski Wallet or request new features, please use this link! ✌️




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