I bought an NFT that promises a physical item or benefit. How do I claim it?

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Some creators go the extra mile to provide utility as part of the sale of an NFT. This means that with your digital purchase, you also receive physical goods and/or in-person experiences. Which is very cool. What’s not cool is purchasing an NFT with utility and not reviewing the eligibility requirements! 

It’s your responsibility to check both the creators page and the individuals NFT's page to carefully understand any rules or important information regarding redemption. Some common restrictions include:

  • Regional restrictions: you may need to live in a certain place to redeem
  • Multiple redemptions: if you buy more than one NFT, you may or may not be able to redeem multiple benefits
  • Primary or secondary market restrictions: for some drops, people who purchase the NFT on a secondary market like OpenSea are not eligible for redemption
  • Timing-related restrictions: you may need to hold a token for a certain amount of time to receive benefits

It’s important to note that almost all redemptions are handled through the individual creator or brand that you are purchasing the NFT from. If you have questions about your eligibility, it’s best to reach out directly to them. If you need additional support on how to contact the artist, reach out to support@bitski.com or drop into our Discord





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