My NFT didn’t show up in my wallet yet! Where is it?!

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Don’t worry! The way Bitski mints NFTs can vary. Typically an NFT should appear in your wallet in under 30 minutes depending on the activity of the Ethereum blockchain. 

If there is a big queue of NFTs to mint, it can cause  a small lead time. If you bought an NFT but it doesn’t appear in your wallet after 24 hours, please send a message to with your Bitski wallet address. We’ll be happy to help you out. 👍

If your NFT does not appear in your wallet after the drop is complete and serial numbers are set, it is possible to re-initiate the minting process with serials intact. There is metadata and purchase time information, so don’t sweat! It usually is a quick and easy fix to re-mint the NFT to your wallet. Your patience is appreciated while we work hard to make that NFT show up!  


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