What is the Bitski wallet?

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The Bitski Wallet is an unparalleled consumer wallet experience powering the next wave of mass adoption in Web3.

Here’s what sets our wallet apart:

  • Simple + Secure User Wallet: We secure all user wallets in special hardware devices called Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). These are physically protected in biometric-secure data centers that are regionally distributed across the US (Asia & Europe coming soon). Bitski is the only company that offers a hardware-backed wallet that users and developers can access anywhere, anytime. (We even hire white-hat hackers to find any potential security risks so we’re constantly upping our security game!)
  • Ease of integration: In addition to the usual ‘Connect Your Wallet’ option, we offer a single sign-on (SSO) and OAuth compliant wallet that can easily integrate into games, social platforms and more so your NFTs can live outside of your wallet. This provides users a well-known experience of logging in with a username, password, or passkey common across many of today’s websites. A Bitski wallet also plugs and plays with existing decentralized apps (Dapps) like OpenSea.
  • Never Worry about Lost Keys: Bitski’s keys never leave the hardware, so there’s always a way to safely recover wallets for users. This means no seed phrases to remember! That’s right, you don’t have to dig through a landfill in case you accidentally toss out a physical key! Lastly, remember “Not your keys, not your crypto?” While we store your private keys, we can verifiably prove we do not have access to them at any time. This means you can have the reassurance of a self-custody wallet without having to manage the risks on your own! No one else in the industry offers this capability today.

Currently Bitski offers two main wallet solutions, an iOS app and a Chrome browser extension. 


Download the iOS app from this link.

Find the Chrome extension from this link.

Connects to dApps around the web in a variety of ways with your own Bitski Vault wallet, or bring your own keys and import a 3rd party wallet, like Metamask! 


Thanks for coming along on our wallet tour! If you’re running into issues on how to use your either of our apps, free feel to reach out to support@bitski.com or join us on Discord.

To give us feedback about the wallet, please use this link! 

  • Please note the private key of a Bitski vault wallet cannot currently be exported to other wallets/devices at this time. 





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