Can I use my Ledger with Bitski?

Yes! 🏦

When using the Bitski browser extension you can choose a Ledger device as one of the "import wallet" options! This will import one or more of your Ledger wallet addresses into Bitski's extension for use. You are able to view and interact with the Bitski extension without the Ledger device being connected, but once you go to do anything on-chain (like sign transactions) then you will need to have your Ledger unlocked and set to the Ethereum app! Enjoy the extra security of cold storage


Starting from the "Add Wallet" button, just follow the steps from the "Ledger" option, choose how many 0x addresses from your Ledger you want to import, name them, and you are done!


If you are interested in only imported one private key of one of your wallets from the Ledger device, you can instead use the "Private Key" button. This will only import one of your 0x addresses, not the entire wallet from the seed phrase.



If you have any questions or concerns about using your Ledger cold storage wallet with Bitski, please reach out to us at ! We have technical staff on hand to answer any questions you may have or walk you through the import process, etc. 





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