Bitski Giveaway FAQ

Giveaways FAQ

  1. What are Bitski iOS Giveaways? Bitski is periodically giving away NFTs to randomly picked winners through the Bitski iOS app.
  2. How do I participate? You’ll need the Bitski iOS app downloaded to enter. During the set promotion period, you may participate in the promotion. This period is generally defined by the team at Bitski (depending on the type of giveaway) and is stated within the app itself and additionally sometimes via our @Bitski Twitter account. Most giveaways (either daily or weekly) run from 9:00AM PST - 8:30AM the following day (if weekly you can enter once per day in most cases to increase your chances). You can enter any type of promotion by:
    1. Accessing your Bitski Wallet in the app;
    2. Tapping on the banner; and
    3. Tapping the “Join” (or “Claim” if applicable) button next to listed NFT.
  3. Who can participate? To be eligible to participate in the promotion you must:
    • Be legally capable of forming a binding contract with Bitski and are not barred from participating in the promotion under applicable law; and
    • Have a Bitski Wallet and agree to comply with these FAQs and the Bitski Terms of Service, which can be found here. The Bitski Terms of Service will apply to any NFT you receive through this promotion as if you purchased such NFT, even though you won’t be making any purchases.
  4. How are winners selected? At the end of ****each promotion period, we will make a blind determination on which qualified¹ participant will receive an NFT from all qualified¹ participants.
    1. Please note, all employees and those related to employees at Bitski are ineligible for any and all iOS Giveaways.
  5. When will winners be announced? The winner will be announced at the conclusion of each promotion period no later than one week after the winner is announced. Participating does not guarantee being picked as a winner.
  6. How do I receive the NFT if I win the giveaway? We will transfer the NFT to the winner’s Bitski Wallet and reach out via email shortly after the winner is announced but no later than one week after the winner is announced.
  7. Anything else I should know? We don’t guarantee the value of the NFT awarded under this campaign. You may have to agree to additional terms as reasonably necessary for us to ensure you are eligible to receive an NFT under this campaign. You are solely responsible for any fees including any tax payments when you have credited the NFT in your Bitski Wallet.****
  8. Additional Questions? Contact us here:

¹Qualified meaning: users who have entered the promotion via ethical means (no use of bot systems, mass wallet creation to boost odds, etc…) and are not currently employed at Bitski Inc.


More important info about Bitski giveaways:

1. We run 100% fair contests. 

For some activities, there is transparent info available upon request., However due to the nature of our iOS app, not every activity will have public blockchain/ social media data to independantly verify. We have a good reputation in the broader web3 community and we intend to continue to honor our word! Ask anyone in our Discord and past winners on Twitter, we are sure they will speak highly of our commitment to transparency and fairness. 

2. While the Bitski web wallet is technically able to claim Bitski droplinks (like this Bitski x Moonbirds NFT), they are not eligible to enter raffles or participate in any activity which requires specific app functions only available in the iOS app or the Chrome extension.


Please reach out to us in Discord or at if you have any questions!





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