How to do currency swaps inside the Bitski wallet Chrome extension

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See that big juicy button that says "Swap"? Press it! 

Now you are on  

(Note, this is just a Uniswap widget! You can explore the full dApp at )

If you are using the extension, the default settings will be on ETH mainnet, but if you switch networks from inside the extension

(from this little drop down; you will need to be on the dApp already for this dropdown to appear! If you don't see it, please navigate to the dapp first, and then open the extension)


Then, just put in the cryptocurrencies you want to exchange! For this example, we want to swap some USDT back to ETH that we already had on the Arbitrum network. Let's make sure that we have selected the right wallet and the right blockchain in our Bitski extension before we start looking for a certain coin!

OK looks good, now lets look back at the dApp page where we will finish our swap. Check the details and make sure the gas is okay. You might also need to approve Uniswap to manage your token. Follow the steps and soon your transaction is finished!


If you do not see a token in your wallet, please reach out to us at ASAP!








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