How do I enter a giveaway in the Bitski browser extension?

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Did you see a sweet giveaway from Bitski on Twitter? Don't want to miss out on some NFT or crypto giveaways? You are in the right place! All it takes is a few simple steps within the Bitski iOS app or Chrome extension to enter. 


1. Login to your profile/ wallet. (You are already logged in probably, right? 😉)

2. Look for the "Enter" button at the top of the NFT view 👀 In our screenshot, you can see the Centaurify giveaway as an example. 


3.  Hit enter for the activity you want to enter. (duh)


4. You are finished! There should be a nice thumbs up screen to confirm your entry/ claim. If you claimed a free mint, please be patient! There is a long line (think like a queue for the bathroom at a crowded restaurant) for the Polygon minter we use, so at busy times it can take up to 24+ hours before it's your turn to mint. 


For more information about Bitski giveaways, please check this article! 






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