How to import/ export your Reddit Vault to the Bitski wallet

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How to import your Reddit Vault to Bitski’s iOS app:

Once you have the private key of your Reddit Vault, we suggest using a cold storage method that suits you. A password manager works for many people, as does making a physical copy that is saved in a secure location.  (Don’t save it in a .txt file on your desktop! 😉)

  1. Open the Bitski iOS app and hit the "Import wallet" button
  2. paste the private key of your Reddit wallet into the empty space, then hit the import button
  3. (Face ID will pop up if this is enabled on your iPhone)
  4. Choose a wallet image
  5. Give the wallet a name
  6. You are done! You can now access the wallet from the Wallet sidebar to manage your NFTs and crypto. (Note: if you have Moons in your wallet, they will not show up in the Bitski app at this moment until Arbitrum is fully integrated, coming soon!)

Don’t have an iPhone? No sweat. Bitski has a browser extension for Chromium based browsers that functions similarly to Metamask, but has additional security and quality of life features, while being NFT focused. 


How to import your Reddit Vault to Bitski’s browser extension

Similar to iOS, once we have the private key, we just need to open up the Bitski browser extension and paste it in!

  1. Hit the Wallet sidebar in the top left corner of the extension
  2. Tap the “Add wallet” button


  1. On the Import wallet pop up, paste in the private key of your Reddit Vault. 

  1. If you just want to use one address for this wallet, click “next”. We recommend only using 1 at this time, but technically infinite 0x addresses can be generated with a single private key. Isn’t cryptography beautiful? 🥹

  1. Pick a cool profile picture

  1. Pick a name for your wallet. Since we want it to be easy to distinguish, lets name this one “Reddit Vault”. 
  2. Tap “Next” and you should see your wallet now in the sidebar, ready to select, with NFTs/ Moons inside!



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