How do I transfer an NFT using the Bitski iOS wallet?

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Want to send an NFT to a friend/ co-worker/ lover or enemy? 

No worries! Follow these steps and you can get it done. 💪

1. Start from the "NFT" screen, either in List view or Grid view. 

2. Scroll around and pick the NFT you want to send. For this example let's pick "Base" NFT


3. Click on the NFT to bring up the detail view. Then hit "View on web" button to take us to Opensea where we can transfer the NFT. 


 Opensea should now attempt to make a connection with your wallet. You will need to sign these screens to move forward! 



Once we are signed into Opensea with our wallet, the UI should change slightly. Find the arrow shaped "Transfer" button in the top right to begin start an NFT transfer. 



Here you can enter the 0x address of the wallet that you want to send the NFT to. For this example, we are using an ENS address. Always double check the address if you are copying and pasting addresses or ENS names!


Next we can see the safety simulation of the transfer. We are going to be sending out 1 NFT, and the gas amount in ETH and estimated USD. Looks like what I am expecting, so lets confirm the transaciton by hitting "Authorize" 


Thats it, your NFT should be on the way! You can also check the status of the transfer on a blockchain explorer, like Etherscan. 




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