How to install the Bitski browser extension

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How to install the Bitski Browser extension

⬇️ On a desktop version of Chromium-based browser, use this link to download the extension, hit the “Add to Chrome button”

❗️ Please note that this extension is not guaranteed to work when installed on Android mobile browsers such as Kiwi or Mises, etc 



Hit the puzzle icon in the top right of your Chrome browser


Hit the “Pin” icon to keep the browser extension easy to click and access!



Now just open the extension on your desktop Chrome browser, login to your Bitski account, and start using the extension! Many dApps will show an "Injected wallet" option, this should be your first choice when using the Bitski extension for now; depending on the dApp, clicking on the Metamask button will also make a connection successfully. If you are having any issues with a certain dApp please reach out to us in Discord or on Twitter! 

Connecting to dApps:

There is a little ambiguity when trying to connect to a desktop dApp depending on which provider they use. In general, if you do not see a "Bitski" button, you should try to connect to the dApp via the a. Metamask button or b. a generic "Injected wallet" or "web3 wallet" button. If you are not sure how to connect to a certain dApp, please reach out to our support and we can help! 

Also, please note that some dApps are able to connect, but the blockchain network will not be able to switch (GNOSIS, for example), so please make sure to check out "Supported blockchains" article before you swap any tokens on blockchains besides ETH/ Polygon

Metamask interactions: 

Please note that due to current similarities in the code for "Web3modal" that both Bitski and Metamask use, there might be certain dApps where you want one extension to appear rather than the other, or vice versa. If you are having these issues, please simply disable one of the extensions temporarily. 


How to disable Metamask

Hit the “puzzle” icon in the top right of the Chrome browser.

Use the slider to Disable Metamask so the Bitski browser extension can be used.



If you have any questions, please open a support ticket in Discord or send us an email to! 





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