How to import your Coinbase wallet into the Bitski iOS app

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Want to use the killer Bitski iOS app with your Coinbase wallet? 

Let's walk through the steps! 

Start off by logging into your Coinbase Wallet account on iOS/ Android/ Chrome extension.

(Please note the Coinbase app and the Coinbase Wallet apps are different for this example. We will be using the Coinbase Wallet app, which doesn't require the same KYC process as opening an account on Coinbase; the steps to find your private key might be different!


Open up and login to the Coinbase wallet app, and start from the home screen. Hit the gear icon in the bottom right to open up the settings.  


On the Settings menu, head to the "Show recovery phrase" button. 


On the passphrase recovery screen, tap the eye icon to unhide your seed phrase. You may need to use Face ID or another biometric login factor if you set it up during your account creation. 



Now that we have the private seed phrase from your Coinbase wallet app, lets move onto the Bitski app to import it! Here you can see we only have our Bitski Vault, but let's add our Metamask seed phrase.


Hit the bit white "Import wallet" button on the bottom of your screen. 

This will bring up the import wallet screen where you can paste your private key. I used 12 random words for my example seed phrase below, but yours should be a similar string of words. Paste that and press "Next"


Next, give your wallet a name that is informative/ easy to remember so you know which wallet you've imported. 



Now you should see your imported wallet in the sidebar of the Bitski iOS app, and be able to switch back and forth from it to your Bitski vault easily. 






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