How to import a Metamask wallet into the Bitski iOS app

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Want to import your Metamask wallet into the Bitski iOS app? It's easy! Lets see each step from start to finish. 😗


First Login to Metamask with your password, or create an account if you didn't already. 


After you login, click the three dots "..." on the top right


Next, hit  "Account details" to bring up more information about your wallet.


Here you will see a QR code for your public address, and a few buttons.

We want the "Export Private key"


Click "Export Private key" and enter your profile's password to reveal the private key.



You should be able to see a private key now, in the more messy cryptographic form. You can use this to export the wallet into your Bitski app, or we can find the "Seed phrase" from Metamask with a slightly different flow. Both the private key shown below, and the seed phrase will work in import on the Bitski iOS app. 


If you want to use the seed phrase to import your Metamask wallet into Bitski, you can find it in the steps below. Hit the profile circle in the top right of the Metamask extension and hit "Settings"


Hit "Security and Privacy" and you will see a button to "Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase"



Enter your Password and click to reveal the private seed phrase. 


This will reveal your BEP-12 private seed phrase, a string of 12 words that can also be used to export the wallet to Bitski. 

Now after you secure your seed phrase in a password manager, on a paper you won't lose, etc, just head to the Bitski iOS app and open up the Wallets tab. 

Here you can see we only have our Bitski Vault, but let's add our Metamask seed phrase.


Hit the bit white "Import wallet" button on the bottom of your screen. 

This will bring up the import wallet screen where you can paste your private key. I used 12 random words for my example seed phrase below, but yours should be a similar string of words. Paste that and press "Next"


Next, give your wallet a name that is informative/ easy to remember so you know which wallet you've imported. 




Now you should see your imported wallet in the sidebar of the Bitski iOS app, and be able to switch back and forth from it to your Bitski vault easily. 







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